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Publish Time: 2024-02-29

Shenzhen Jiding Technology Co., Ltd(JiDing) is a high tech company with independent R&S team,own intelligent properties and patents. Our research team has many years and much experience on rapid heating and rapid cooling technology . Our research ranges cover rapid heating and rapid cooling designs of mold, equipment and central control system. Our team members are with much experience on injection production also. JiDing had designed more than 1000 sets of RHCM mold for customers during its 20 years mold production experience. Now rapid heating and rapid cooling machine had developed into its 7th generation. JiDing’s rapid heating and cooling machine got CE certification and was underwritten by international insurance company(Fubon Insurance) from 2017, our machines are safe and dependable. Jiding has got ISO9001 certification in March 2019 and veryfied by SMETA in 2021.  In order to meet some customers‘ requirement, Jiding began to undertake the production of a small batch of diverse and strict quality products. Jiding had increased its molding injection equipments to 6 units in 2023. In November 2023, the design and manufacturing of the molds had been completed at our factory, now Jiding has become a manufacturer of plastic injection molds and plastic parts.

Industrial parts we had served: 3C digital products, Appliance parts, Auto parts, Plating parts and so on.

Difficult Injection issues settlement: Shrinkage,Welding lines, fracture marks, rich fiber on part surface, flow marks , stress marks, and other injection issues.

Business Scopes:Rapid heating and cooling mold temperature controlling machines manufacturing and selling. 

RHCM molds designed and manufacturing.

RHCM plastic parts manufacturing and RHCM molds trial production.Small quantity part injection and precision molds maufacturing are preferred.

Offering RHCM molds design solution and mold making tennology consultancy.

International Trading.

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